Greetings and salutations,

This little journey you are a part of started when I became single in my 40’s. I began dating for, what felt like, the first time in my life. I quickly found out I was woefully prepared for what was about to happen.

Things were very different than when I was single before. Women were different, rules were all changed and things I thought I knew as a man that grew up in a house of all females were thrown out the door. I was unsure of how to react and I decided to do something I always wanted to do, write. The blog began.

I wrote about the people, places and things I saw and some (not all) of the bizarre woman I dated. There were 56 in all and I was upfront about the blog, even letting many read it before we even went on a date. I wanted to be 100% honest that if we dated, I was gonna talk about you; the good, the bad and for sure, the ugly. A few asked me not to write about them and I (mostly) kept that promise. I did always use a pseudonym for anyone I wrote about (i.e. Coupon, Leather Face, the Naughty Nurse and Ho Knee) as I really just meant this to be therapy for me and not an attack on others. I hope no one was hurt, but I cannot guarantee I was unchanged by these encounters. With the changing technology, and my dating life ending in marriage, the blog became a podcast and is mostly about my new life as the father of 7.

Enjoy and tell a friend.