The worst ever…

February 12, 2016
So one of my best friends on the planet almost died … and I was completely unaware. I will explain, but first, an announcement.
 I have decided that since the cast of characters will no longer be a rotating slideshow of disappointment, I will just use real names going forward for people that are constants in my life. This is a complete change in policy at the Saga, and I am aware that no one other than me even cares a single bit. That being said…
I am about to be married to the best example of a partner I could have ever imagined. I am not pandering; it is just the case. (Truth be told we married already in a small ceremony at her best friends house a little while ago, but the reception is in what I am referring to) in an epic baller move my Amy suggested we should have our reception at the movie theatre and have it with a screening of the epic clash of titans, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Can you see how amazing she can be? We sent invitations to those closest to us and some of mine happen to be in other states. One was the aforementioned friend, who was actually the best man at my second wedding. Small world.
I should back up and mention that I have 4 people I would consider “best friends’. If you are new to the Saga, you might have missed this which might explain how important my friends are to me. Since I don’t have his permission, I will continue to use Bronx for now. He sent me a nice, detailed Facebook message explaining the details of the last two years of his life and the struggles he has gone through…while his “best friend’ was completely unaware. I hope everyone has a better best friend than I am to mine.     
I am not saying this to get anyone to tell me how we all loose touch with those we love from time to time. I totally get that life happens; that while having the best of intentions and sincerely caring about those we love, we get sidetracked. I am not oblivious. I also know that old adage about everyone’s phone having buttons on it. How many times has (fill in the blank with any name you feel applies) been online in the last (fill in any length of time you feel applies)? I use to ask that very same question when my father would go month after month without calling. None of that makes it ok for me to go so long, to be so self absorbed and distant, that I had no idea someone I profess to love was in a coma and closer to the other side than this side.  
I cannot begin to tell you the many ways Bronx has shaped my life. He might not even be aware that so much of the man I am came from conversations I had with him. I can’t stop crying as I write this section and I swear I mean this with all my being…I failed him.
I am going to stop here and post this for two reasons.
1)       It is Super Bowl Sunday and my family are all busy working on various snack dishes and I am writing and crying.
2)       I promised myself if I posted something, I would never remove or edit it. If I don’t post it now, I might just delete it and write another silly tale of how my life has flipped, turned upside down (you are no friend of mine if you don’t get that reference).
I promise to continue this another time. Just need to step away for a minute or two. Any errors in this are totally mine. I prefer to post this and not have it edited. My editor, and lovely wife, might talk me out of posting this.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

2 comments on “The worst ever…

  1. Time to make time for your best friends as well as family and of course work. The best cure for guilt is to stop doing what you felt guilty for and make amends (even if you're the only one who feels amends are needed).

  2. The man this is written about wrote me and he gave me his opinion of the blog above. As usual he is spot on and, once again, showed me why he is such an amazing example of a human being. I sat at my desk praying no one cam over because it brought tears to my eyes.

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